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For You Education ︳考試專家打造IBDP PTE專屬課程 助學生踏出海外

Updated: May 24, 2023

For You Education Staff.

For You Education, which has been providing teaching services to students from prestigious international and traditional schools in Hong Kong, has recently become the only training center in Hong Kong approved by the Pearson Academic English Test (PTE Academic). This test is recognized as one of the admission criteria by many famous international universities such as Harvard Business School and Yale University. At the same time, the teaching center is also proficient in various international exams, including IGCSE, IBDP, GCE and SAT, and adopts one-on-one or group teaching to allow students to obtain appropriate learning needs in an efficient teaching environment.

In recent years, the number of overseas studies and immigration has continued to increase. Many Hong Kong people will take the International English Proficiency Test in order to adapt to overseas life. Among them, PTE Academic is the most accurate, fair and open international test, allowing candidates to test in the fastest and most flexible way Your English proficiency is a strong evidence to prove your ability to enter a university, obtain a professional qualification or immigrate overseas.

Close to the content of PTE exam Rearranging the course

Huili Education was established in Causeway Bay in 2013 and has nearly 10 years of experience in focusing on international examinations. The year before last, the director of PTE Asia-Pacific region had a meeting with the management of Wisdom, knowing that the teaching achievements of the center have been recognized by the industry, so he authorized Wisdom to offer PTE courses in Hong Kong. Since PTE candidates are between 16 and 50 years old, their levels vary. Therefore, the center will tailor-made personalized courses according to the applicant's background, English proficiency and required scores.

Terry Lo, founder of Wisdom Education, said: "Wisson understands that groups of different ages and learning levels, including students, working people, housewives, engineers, nurses, physiotherapists or Hong Kong people who have not practiced English for many years, need to It is indeed difficult to rebuild English proficiency to reach the standard level in a short period of time. Therefore, we first rearranged the content according to the official information, and specially designed "exclusive courses" for individuals to help Hong Kong people achieve good results and success by approaching the PTE test questions. Enroll in the university of your choice or obtain qualification recognition from overseas professional institutions.”

Pay close attention to candidates' needs, set up face-to-face and online teaching

Terry Lo explained: "In order to facilitate Hong Kong people to enroll in PTE courses, the Wisdom Center provides face-to-face and online teaching modes. Online education is not a pre-recorded self-study teaching material, but focuses on real-time communication and interaction between candidates and tutors to strengthen English conversation. At the same time, the PTE test is taken by computer, which is different from the traditional test. Therefore, the center will summarize the experience and pass on the secrets of the test to candidates so that they can master and adapt as soon as possible.” According to statistics, nearly 100% of PTE test takers achieve ideal results , 70% to 80% of them went to Australia to study and immigrate.

Leo Lo, the manager of the center, pointed out: "With the deepening of the public's understanding of PTE Academic, it is expected that the number of people applying for PTE will increase significantly. In addition, the center has found that many candidates in the mainland and overseas countries in Europe and America have a great demand for PTE. It is understood that , the number of mainland applicants is ten times higher than that of the local ones. Therefore, the center has allocated additional resources to develop online teaching and online courses, so that candidates can break through geographical and time constraints and obtain specified scores in a short period of time.”

Provide international exam preparation courses, and many of them have won the top score in the exam

Johnny Ma, director of the Kowloon branch, said: "The center has always been ranked among the top in terms of international examination results, and has won the trust of many parents and students. Most of the center's tutors come from international schools and traditional prestigious schools. We have taught in small classes and designed suitable courses and teaching materials to meet the needs of individual students. Our candidates have performed well in the past. In 2021 IB exam, there are 5 top scorers who scored 45 points and more than 10 high scorers who scored 44 points. Except for IBDP ,more than 90% candidates have achieved A or A* rate in IGCSE and GCE A-Level. And our tutors have been designing content materials according to the needs of students, and the notes are incisive and unique, so that students can fully grasp the knowledge content. "

Cross-sector cooperation to jointly launch value-added services

Talking about the future development of For You Education, Terry Lo said bluntly that the number of students studying abroad has continued to increase in recent years. In order to meet the development trend, we plans to set up education centers in other places, strengthen online content resources, and actively contact overseas educational groups and Immigration agencies work together across sectors to provide value-added services that are both comprehensive and extensive. For example, co-organizing PTE exam lectures, UK university lectures and PTE exam notes, etc., so that candidates with different needs can successfully move towards their goals and strive for what they want through For You Education!

For You Education ︳考試專家打造IBDP PTE專屬課程 助學生踏出海外

一直為香港國際和傳統名校學生提供教學服務的慧理教育(For You Education),最近成為Pearson學術英語考試(PTE Academic)認可的香港唯一一間培訓中心。這個考試獲國際多間著名學府如哈佛商學和耶魯大學承認為收生標準之一,有助港人到海外升學、移民及就業所檢訂的國際英語水平考試。同時,教學中心亦精通各種國際考試,包括IGCSE、IBDP、GCE和SAT,採用一對一或小組教授,讓學生在高效率的教學環境中得到適切的學習需要。

近年海外升學和移民數目持續上升,不少港人為適應海外生活,都會考取國際英語能力考試,其中PTE Academic是最準確、公正和公開的國際試,讓考生以最快、最靈活的方式來檢測自己的英語水平,是證明有能力入讀大學、考取專業資歷或移民海外的有力憑證。

接近PTE考試內容 重新編排課程


慧理教育創辦人Terry Lo表示﹕「慧理深明不同年齡和學習水平的群組,包括學生、在職人士、家庭主婦、工程師、護士、物理治療師或多年欠操練英語的港人,需在短時間內重搭英語能力以達標準水平,確實有一定難度。因此我們先按官方資料重新編排內容,特別為個別人士設計『專屬課程』,以接近PTE考試題目來支援港人取得佳績,成功入讀心儀大學或獲得海外專業機構資歷認可。」

高度關注考生需要 設面授和在線教學

Terry Lo解釋﹕「慧理中心為方便港人報讀PTE課程,提供面授和Online在線教學模式,在線教育並非預先錄製的自學教材,而是着重考生與導師的即時溝通和互動,加強英語會話的能力。同時,PTE考試是通過電腦應考,有別與傳統考試,所以中心會總結經驗,為報考人士傳授考試秘訣,讓他們盡快掌握和適應。」據統計,PTE考生有接近100%取得理想成績,其中有七、八成是前往澳洲升學和移民。

中心經理Leo Lo指出﹕「隨着大眾對PTE Academic的認識漸深,預期報考PTE的人數會大幅攀升。加上中心發現不少身處內地和歐美海外國家的考生對PTE需求很大。據了解,內地報考人數比本地多出十倍。因此,中心特別增撥資源發展網上教學和網上課程,好讓考生打破地域和時間的限制,盡快在短時間內考取指定分數。」

提供國際應考課程 不少考獲狀元成績

九龍分校主管Johnny Ma表示﹕「一直以來,中心在國際考試成績方面一直名列前芧,贏得不少家長和學生的信任。而中心導師大部分來自國際學校和傳統名校,採取小班教授,並會設計適合的課程和教材,迎合個別學生的需要。以往考生表現理想,2021年在IB考試中,有5位考獲45分的狀元、有超過10位考獲44分的準狀元。除了IBDP外,IGCSE和GCE A-Level考獲A或A*比率的也超逾9成以上,導師一直配合學生需要而設計內容資料,筆記精闢獨到,務求學生全面掌握知識內容。」

跨界別合作 攜手推出增值服務

談到慧理教育未來發展,Terry Lo直言,近年到海外升學的學生人數持續上升,慧理為配合發展趨勢,計劃在外地設立教育中心、加強網上內容資源、積極聯繫海外升學的教育團體及移民機構,跨界別攜手提供增值服務,範圍既全面又廣泛。舉例合辦PTE考試講座、英國大學講座及PTE應考須知等,讓不同需要的考生能夠透過慧理教育,成功邁向目標,爭取心中所想!


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