HKET Interview : How we are tackling the current epidemic.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many public exams, such as the IB, iGCSE, GCE A-Levels, were all cancelled in 2020, disrupting the plans of many students. Many tuition centres have thus developed and utilised different ways to conduct online lessons, helping students with their studies during times of crisis.

"We have a pretty good reputation, which could be due to our pricing," For You Education founder Terry Lo said, "as we are relatively cheaper than many tuition centres who also specialise in teaching international school students." He also mentioned that there had been students and parents who said that he could and should raise the prices slightly since there are other centres that charge up to HKD1000 an hour.

Many people have the misconception that families of international school students tend to be relatively wealthier, yet not every family would be able to afford such high fees, thus one of the goals of For You Education is to extend assistance to more students from different backgrounds.

"One of our main features is that we are flexible. Since our students undertake a variety of curricula and a wide range of subjects, whenever they come to us for help, we always try to find the most suitable tutor for them. As long as they need help, we will try our best to provide it."

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Hong Kong in February, For You Education has already been carrying out online lessons and has offered different options and styles of lessons for students to freely choose from. In order to make online lessons more appealing and helpful, the lessons have been split into two sessions. Under the new arrangements, the first session is a tailor-made recording, the second is a live lesson between a tutor and the students. The new arrangements can accommodate more hard-working students since they can always re-watch the recordings whenever they would like to revise.

Overseas students have also benefitted from this new arrangement. Since some of them only return to Hong Kong over holidays, thus the recordings can allow them to receive help from the centre even when they are away.

Terry also noted that For You Education is made up of young and ambitious people, thus is unafraid of trying out new things, and gladly, most have worked out so far. "Sometimes when we face new obstacles, such as this pandemic, there are bound to be certain things that we wouldn't know how to handle. But, if we just come together and work it out, the answer can always be found through taking action." HKET Interview link :

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