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Updated: Mar 21

Update from 20th March 2020:

Due to the increasingly evolving risk of the Covid-19 outbreak in Hong Kong, we have decided to temporarily convert all our offline classes to online. This is a temporary move until we feel it will be safer to have students come to the centre for studies. We will only accommodate offline classes under very special circumstances at the discretion of the management.

Hence, do let us know if you have any concerns, you may WhatsApp (6579-8577) us or call us directly (2480-1000) if you have any concerns.

If a student needs to study at the centre for Exam preparations, Mock tests, to study with expert tutors in person, with their colleagues, or just wants to do their studies in the safety of their home, it can be quite challenging. As those who wish to stay indoors will have limited access and flexibility to comprehend the lesson in its full potential, while at the same time those who are regularly travelling to tuition centres for studies may be exposing themselves to the risk of infection.

Hence, in the interest of providing students risk-free education AND flexibility, For You Education's online tutoring solves a dilemma most student's are now facing by giving them the option of staying indoors when they need to (ex: when the situation seems more risky), while also giving them the flexibility to meet their tutors and study in-person at the centre when they need, for the same lesson.

► Switch between Online or Offline at any time

► No change to fees

► Same tutors

► No change to lesson structure

For example, students can be learning a topic with their tutors, but the next class if they feel they may not be able to make it to the centre, or wishes to stay indoors, they can switch that class to an online lesson just for them. This will have no change in fees, nor will it change the structure of the lesson. And students can keep switching so as long as they keep us informed ahead.

We wish all students and their families safety and contentment. And most of all we wish all student's can get access to quality education, as quick as they need, without hassle, to prepare them best for their exams.

To learn more about For You Education's Online program, you may contact our official WhatsApp (6579-8577) or call us (2480-1000) directly. Or you can click here to have a look at the registration form.

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