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About the programme

The GCE/GCSE Winter Programme offers tailored modules for students to prepare for their upcoming sections of the GCE/GCSE during winter holiday. The modules include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each class will be two hours long with six different sessions, over a span of three weeks, both online and offine, making it a perfect way to study your GCE/GCSE. 


This programme has five subjects available: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each subject has a total teaching time of 10 hours split across 5 sessions over 3 weeks. The course is available as online sessions as well. The content covered in each subject can be found below:






Enjoy a $300* gift card

Special Promotion


All our students and parents who refer a friend to attend tuition at our centre between (5th Dec – 31st Dec), will receive a $300 gift voucher which can be used on their tuition fee (terms and conditions apply).


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All of the sessions will take place at the For You Education centre:

7F Catic Plaza

8 Causeway Road

Causeway Bay, HK

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​For You Education 慧理教育

Tel: +852 2480 1000


Administration and Teaching Centre:
7/F, Catic Plaza, 8 Causeway Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Teaching Centre:

1608, 16/F, Workingbond Commercial Centre,
No.162 Prince Edward West, Kowloon

School Registration Number: 605492

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