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Hear from For You's Students

Great tutors who understand both the material they teach and the requirements of the course. Revision resources, IA advice, problem solving and memorisation techniques are amongst many of the benefits For You provides. They are always ready to help and willing to do so whenever.

—  Josh Toner, SIS

Achieved the grade of 45/45 for the IBDP.

Josh, SouthIsaland
SIS, Jason

For You Education provided me with guidance and resources, their professionals helped me get a 45 in IB.

—  Jason Lee, SIS

Achieved the grade of 45/45 for the IBDP.

I’ve been going to for you education for the past 4-5 years, and it’s safe to say that not only do they have affordable prices, but they also try their best to find the best tutors with teaching styles that match the students. Being tutored at For You Education has been a fun experience!

—  Ernie Lui, SIS

Achieved the grade of 45/45 for the IBDP.

SIS, Ernie
Jenna, Private candidate

A very friendly tutor centre, everyone is professional and willing to help with your problems. The center also encouraged students to take their own initiative to learn, as each student has their own weaknesses and you will have to discover what you’re bad at to improve. Very pleasant experience!

—  Jenna, Private candidate

2022 GCE A-Level Candidate, Scored A's in all her subjects learnt at For You

For You Education is a great place to revise and learn. The teachers are able to tailor their teaching styles depending on the student’s abilities. If you are struggling with any of your exams, come here as they will save you.

—  Gabriel Chiu, SIS

Scored 7's in all his subjects learnt at For You and achieved 44/45 for the IBDP.

Gabriel Chiu, SIS
SIS, Ian

As a part of IB's M21 class, I've attended innumerous tutorial lessons at For You Education over the past 2 years and honestly, it has been a surreal experience. From their tailor-made teaching style to their outstanding tutors, the centre has shown great understanding towards the needs of their students and has provided an extremely flexible schedule for all of us.

—  Ian Mok, SIS

Scored 7's in all his subjects learnt at For You and achieved 44/45 for the IBDP.

For You provided a lot of support and assistance throughout my IB journey with the tutors all being super helpful. Very professional and really flexible!

—  Brian Ma, SIS

Scored 7's in all subjects and achieved 44/45 for the IBDP.

Kelly Hsu, KGV

I’ve been attending classes at For you education since the second year of IGCSE to the final year of my higher education. It is a highly recommended tutoring centre without a doubt. Not only with the experienced tutors there, but also the practice papers provided. It has provided tailor made classes for all students, which helped me get through the most devastating two years of my education.

—  Kelly Hsu, KGV

Achieved 43/45 for the IBDP.

I've been here since the start of IGCSE. For You have been a lifesaver for me. So I believe what distinguishes them from the competition is that they do not only provide an affordable service but also something customizable to suit everyone's needs. Not only that, they even provide their own customizable mock exam to prepare for any exam that you wish to tackle. To me, it doesn't stand out only as a tutoring center but also a place that has been a part of my journey and assisted me not only in academics but also in life.

—  Abraham Cheng, KCCIS

Achieved 43/45 for the IBDP.

Abraham Cheng, KCCIS

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