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Best PTE Academic exam preparation centre in HK

For You Education is a professional tutoring center that specializes in both local and international curriculum. We have 10 years of teaching experience and not only that we are a Pearson Edexcel Partnership Center with Edexcel Academic Qualifications. Today, we will be giving you 4 reasons why For You Education is the perfect choice for you to study. Here’s why:

1. Our PTE program is tailor-made to help you succeed. We have customized notes and exercises that target specific skills such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. Not only that, our notes will help us to craft a class that is specifically made to target areas of your weaknesses. This will give us the best chance for you to practice and intensify your examination skills and allow you to get a high score for your examination.

2. Pearson Edexcel Partnership Center with Edexcel Academic Qualifications. We are certified under the Pearson Edexcel Partnership scheme, this means that not only you would be provided with materials other than our own tailor made ones, you would be getting PTE's own custom notes and exercises directly from Pearson Edexcel. Not only this will provide you more materials to practice on, you would be getting notes and exercises that only a few individuals will be getting in Hong Kong.

3. Our PTE preparation course is taught by professional and Pearson-trained tutors. This means that you would be getting our professional tutors who understand the syllabus in and out. Not only that, we will teach you what the questions from the PTE questions want so that you would be able to maximize your time. Also, our preparation courses will provide you a mock examination directly from Pearson so that you would be getting a taste of the real examination.

4. Native English Teachers. To gear you up for the PTE examination, you will have face to face experience with our Native English Speakers. Not only this will give you a better understanding of the English Language, but also cultural understanding of Native English Speakers. This will definitely give you a greater chance to score high on questions that relate to culture.

If you're looking for the best PTE program, look no further than For You Education! We offer a tailor made PTE Program that is specifically designed to help you succeed. With our professional and Pearson trained tutors we will help you to strive for the points you deserve.

"Hesitating?" That's okay, you can try a lesson for free!


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​For You Education 慧理教育

Tel: +852 2480 1000


Administration and Teaching Centre:
7/F, Catic Plaza, 8 Causeway Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

School Registration Number: 605492

Teaching Centre:

Room 2, 21/F, Wealth Commercial Centre, 48 Kwong Wa Street, Kowloon

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