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Congratulations to Jenna Yune, scoring 9 in IGCSE Exam!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

In our hectic lives, We all worry about balancing time between socializing with friends and studying. Given the choice, most of us would prefer the former over the latter, Jenna is one of the few who is able to do both, taking tutorials at For You Education with her friend Kara.

Coming from the same school and studying the same subjects of Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, these two friends most certainly have an unbreakable bond. While some may question the process of friends studying together, Jenna’s results from taking tutoring classes at For You Education put those doubts to rest.

While having an initial predicted score of 6 in the IGCSE, the educational and emotional aid that our tutors and Kara gave combined with her application of skills learnt here resulted in her achievement of an 8 in the exam. Definitely a score worth boasting about.

Jenna, like many others, initially had complications with getting a hang of the basic fundamentals, causing her to have a weak base. Having understood this issue, our tutors gave her comprehensible and memorable teaching that allowed her to develop strong pillars that helped her to catch up and excel with her peers in the subjects she studied.

Cheers to Jenna for her remarkable improvements and accomplishments at For You Education.

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