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Congratulations to our perfect IB scorer Josh Toner, scoring 45/45!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Having to deal with constantly changing schedules, online lectures moving back to face-to-face and with uncertainties at every corner, 2021 has been a difficult year for many year 13 students who have had to tackle their IB exams.

IB HL Chemistry is no easy subject, and keeping up with all the information being taught at school through self-study can be a struggle, and even demotivating at times.

But Josh Toner says that getting help from a tutor who knew exactly how to break down complex ideas into simple steps that were easy to understand, was a great way to catch up with those confusing concepts and theories.

When tight IA deadlines were steadily approaching, Josh was also able to get emergency help and write the perfect Chemistry IA with his tutor’s guidance on pin-pointing the exact things examiners were looking out for in a top-scoring essay.

At For You Education, tutors can provide help with IA’s of all subjects in several areas to suit your needs - ranging from checking that components aren’t missed while useless information is filtered out, proof-reading, as well as analysing figures such as graphs and statistical data to ensure that they are in tip-top shape.

After 15 months of intensive tutoring at For You Education, Josh Toner from South Island School was able to score the full 7 points for IB HL Chemistry with help from his tutor Alex(Left), totalling to 45/45 on his IB Diploma.

Our warmest congratulations to Josh, and we wish all of this year's graduated IB students the best of luck on their future endeavours!

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