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Congratulations to our perfect IB scorer Ernie Lui, scoring 45/45!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is known to be one of the most difficult secondary school qualifications worldwide, which has been made even more challenging with COVID-19. With that being said, nothing was going to stop this perfect IB scorer from achieving his best.

Ernie Lui from South Island School has been a student at For You Education since 2017, who began preparing for his IB exams shortly after completing IGCSEs.

When asked about the strategies Ernie had implemented to secure his IB success, he mentioned that having the support of friends in group classes played a huge role in maintaining motivation. Not only did it act as a network of support and communication for when troubles arise, but also as a form of encouragement to cheer each other on.

Internal Assessments (IAs) are also a big component of the final grade, and Ernie was able to find tutors to critically analyse his coursework and ensure that it was nothing short of a top-scoring essay.

Taking time out of his own schedule, he took tutorial classes for five out of six of his subjects including SL Economics, SL Maths AA, SL English Language and Literature, HL Biology and HL Chemistry.

With the help of his tutors at For You Education, including Johnny, his Economics tutor(Middle), he achieved 7’s in all of his subjects including full marks for TOK and EE, scoring 45/45 on his IB Diploma.

Our biggest congratulations to Ernie, and we wish all graduated IB students this year the best of luck on the beginnings of their new chapter in life!

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