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Congratulations to our perfect IB scorer Jason Lee, scoring 45/45!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

scoring perfect 45!

IB HL Physics and Maths are notorious for being some of the hardest subjects in the IBDP. But despite taking both, Jason Lee from South Island School was able to ace his exams.

In an interview with us on how he did it, Jason talked about the importance of seeking guidance from professional tutors who were able to provide high-level teaching and methodical directions on optimizing efficiency when it came to studying and revision.

Not only that, Jason highlighted that even though “nothing in IB is easy”, achieving the highest results came from consistent practice and resource management. At For You Education, he was able to access a plethora of resources to facilitate his studies, ranging from tailored study materials to catch up on content, practice questions by topic to consolidate his learning, as well as full past papers when he was up for a challenge.

After 1 year of tuition classes with his tutor Terry(Left) at For You Education, he achieved a level 7 in all of his subjects and on top of that, grabbed all 3 bonus points, adding up to a perfect score of 45/45 on his IB Diploma.

Our sincerest congratulations to Jason, and we wish all IB students this year the best of luck and we hope that you will continue to accomplish greater things!

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