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Exam tips for the IB Chemistry Exams (SL/HL)

Students taking the IB Chemistry exam.

Paper 1:

It has 30-40 multiple choice questions to be completed in 45-60 minutes, which means 90 seconds per question. The questions are arranged according to the topics 1-11 for Core and 1-21 for Core and Higher-level. It's better to leave the calculations for the end of the paper, as a calculator and data booklet are not allowed.

Paper 2:

It usually starts with a question that requires calculations. Make sure you are confident with stoichiometry, significant figures, and decimal places. Double-check your calculations to avoid errors. Familiarize yourself with the IB chemistry data booklet and command terms before the exam.

Paper 3, Section A:

Review the prescribed practical and be familiar with calculations such as empirical formula, molar mass, enthalpy changes, graph analysis, and best fit lines.

Paper 3, Section B:

MC questions

General Exam Tips:

- Practice with past exam papers and mark schemes.

- Use the correct terminology when answering questions.

- Draw clear and neat diagrams.

- Write legibly and make sure examiners can read your writing.

- Review all areas of the syllabus including topics 10 and 11.


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