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Here are 3 reasons why the PTE Academic Writing makes it the easiest English proficiency test

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Are you planning to take an English proficiency test? If so, you might be wondering which one would be the easiest to pass. While all tests have their own difficulty levels, we believe that the PTE Academic Writing section makes it the easiest English proficiency test overall. Here's why:

1. The PTE Academic program is done on the computer, which means that your handwriting, which is a factor affected by another English Proficiency test, will not be a consideration when it comes to your final grade for writing. This will be fully beneficial to you, as we would be eliminating one of the factors affecting the score for the examination. That being said, typing speed could be one of the factors that could affect your performance, but this would be unlikely.

2. Less weighting on the final writing grade; since writing is part of the speaking assessment, the weighting distribution will be less for writing. This means that if you have not done well for one of the sections, you will still do the other 3 sections that can help you to make sure that you can get the grade that you deserve. Not only that, compared to the other English proficiency test, people have stated that the writing is less taxing.

3. Relatively easier; compared to the alternatives that are available for individuals, the PTE Academic Writing Section is easier, as the focus is on the student's ability on vocabulary and accuracy; not only that, grammar is less focused on complex and coherent sentences, the focus is more oriented on clause, passive voice, tenses.

That being said, each individual student will have different opinions regarding PTE Academic Writing. That stated, if you wish to achieve the grade that you so desire, join For You Education's PTE Academic Program and we will help you to achieve what you so desire!!

Want to know more about PTE Academic? Contact us for more details on our exam preparation courses, and get a FREE, 2-hour full trial lesson!


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