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How to get a 7 in IB Chem?

A student studying for her IB Chemistry exams.

Getting a 7 in IB Chemistry can be a challenge, but with the right approach, you can definitely achieve it.

Here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Use the 80/20 principle:

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. When studying for IB Chemistry, focus on the 20% of the material that will give you the most results. This means identifying the most important topics and concepts and putting in the majority of your effort there.

2. Practice Active Recall and Space Repetition:

Active recall is the process of testing yourself to reinforce the information you’ve learned. Space repetition is the practice of testing yourself at different intervals over time. This will help you retain the information you’ve learned and get it into your long-term memory.

3. Follow the IB syllabus:

The IB provides a syllabus for each subject, including Chemistry. This is a great resource to use when studying as it tells you exactly what you need to know. When studying, focus on the “Understandings” and “Applications” sections, which are the most important for the exam.

4. Make flashcards:

Flashcards are a great way to reinforce the information you’ve learned. For each bullet point in the syllabus, make a flashcard with a question on one side and the answer on the other. This will help you memorize the important facts and concepts.

5. Practice with sample questions:

The IB provides sample questions for each topic in the Chemistry syllabus. Practice these questions to get a sense of what type of questions you will face on the exam. This will also help you build your application and skill-based knowledge.

6. Use additional resources:

In addition to the IB syllabus and sample questions, there are many other resources available that can help you succeed in IB Chemistry. Consider using textbooks, online tutorials, and practice exams to supplement your study efforts.

7. Prepare for the exam:

On the day of the exam, be well-prepared. Make sure you have all the necessary materials, such as a calculator, a ruler, and a pencil. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam and eat a nutritious breakfast to ensure that you are well-rested and focused.

In conclusion, getting a 7 in IB Chemistry takes hard work and dedication, but with the right approach, you can achieve it. Follow these tips to help you succeed and reach your full potential in the subject.


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