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Teaching courses specially prepared for private candidate

For You Education private candidate are preparing notes for themselves

Everybody has their own personal circumstances affecting their need for learning that a traditional school system may not provide. As such, many people may opt to study and attain qualifications from a range of different education programmes. Our center is equipped to help students learn and excel in a private class environment with young and supportive teachers.

Private candidates are usually people who:

  • Are for whatever reason, unable to learn in a traditional school class environment

  • Want another chance to take a particular exam or subject

  • Want to learn at their own pace

  • Want to study an extra subject that their school does not offer

  • Want to study and complete a different examination that their school does not offer

  • Want to learn in small-class arrangements

If any of the following apply to your personal circumstances, you may want to take the DSE, IGCSE, or GCE as an independent candidate.

Being a private candidate can be challenging for anybody, you have to deal with a lack of support and resources from teachers and administrators that would otherwise be available in a school setting. Luckily, We’re here to help every step of the way!

We offer quality teaching courses from a broad range of international curricula, be it from a classroom setting to online lesson arrangements for overseas learners. Aside from the teaching process, we offer private students with a variety of other services. We help private candidates register for examinations they take, provide students with practice tests for the real deal and assist with the process of university admissions.

We have an established long-term planning process to help anyone who is taking an exam on their own. Here’s how the process works:

1. Free Consultation :

Before starting any lessons, we need to gain an understanding of your individual needs and situation. Free consultations are always available to potential students to help you and us 3 main things

  • Understanding how we teach and how classes are arranged

  • Finding out which curriculum/exam board is suitable for your needs and what subjects to take

  • Establishing academic objectives to aim for in order to show tangible progress of learning

2. Learning Process :

After finding out the essential details of what a private student will need to learn, they can schedule a free trial lesson to get an introduction to the teachers and to the subjects that they are taking. During the lessons, tutors work collaboratively with learners to ensure that they can effectively express what challenges they are faced with alongside developing a positive learning relationship. After courses, students are given materials to work on as homework. This helps learners consolidate what they have learnt in lessons and provides them with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Achieving Results :

As private candidates become familiar with the content they have studied, it’s time to work towards producing results. Before the real examination. Private learners can train their knowledge of a subject with past papers and practice papers. We also offer mock exams that simulate an authentic exam environment to give private candidates an idea of what to expect during the official test.

If you want to take the pathway of becoming a private candidate, feel free to reach out to us anytime. It’s never too late to learn!


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​For You Education 慧理教育

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Administration and Teaching Centre:
7/F, Catic Plaza, 8 Causeway Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

School Registration Number: 605492

Teaching Centre:

Room 2, 21/F, Wealth Commercial Centre, 48 Kwong Wa Street, Kowloon

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