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Tips to start IB AI (applications and interpretations)

For You Education student studying for IB Math AI.

Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher looking for some guidance on IB math, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will be discussing the various few basic skills to tackle each IB AI topics to make your journey into this fascinating field easier.

First off let’s discuss number & algebra – one of the fundamental aspects of mathematics that form an integral part in many other disciplines such as engineering or economics. Number theory is concerned with properties and relationships between numbers while algebra deals with manipulating symbols such as equations for solving problems related to certain variables like x or y. Furthermore, both these topics involve approximation techniques which allow us to come up with approximate solutions without having exact answers; rounding being one example where a number can be rounded off according to certain criteria depending upon its context within a problem statement.

In addition there are also past papers available online which provide insight into how questions are asked in exams so that students can practice accordingly when preparing themselves for upcoming tests/exams etc., Solutions too are provided alongside so it becomes easier for students who may not understand something immediately but still want clarification on what they should do next step-wise towards finding an answer correctly (or at least close enough) .

Moving onto geometry & trigonometry, here again different shapes (like circles , triangles etc.) need manipulation through mathematical formulas before their actual area / volume / perimeter can be determined accurately . This helps immensely when dealing with real life scenarios like construction projects where accurate measurements need accounting from all angles including height/width/length et al . Moreover using trigonometric functions allows us calculate not only right angle triangle but also non-right angle triangle. Also, we have to duel with arc, sector and area of circles in IB AI syllabus.

Last but not least there exist several hacks & tips out there created by experienced professionals over time by For You Education. Their website is

All in all IB math is extremely versatile yet challenging discipline requiring dedication and hard work in order reach desired levels success however once mastered it opens doors unimaginable opportunities across multiple fields ranging from finance physics chemistry biology engineering technology.


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