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IBDP Mathematics AA & AI

Course Structure

All you need to know in IB Math

Courses Structure

In New IB Math, it separated into 4 courses for students to choose.

Old Math Courses Structure

New Math Courses Sturcture

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Applications & Interpretation(AI)

Analysis & Approaches(AA)

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Assessment model

Assessment model

In New IB Math, it was more details on different Papers and Assessment requirament.

Applications & Interpretation(AI)

Analysis & Approaches(AA)

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Applications & Interpretation(AI)

Analysis & Approaches(AA)

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Success Student Story

Our Students' Achievements


Josh Toner, SIS

Zenon Bute, VSA

Ernie Lui, SIS

Andy Lui, KCCIS

 - All Got 7 in IB Math -

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Topic idea in 2023 IB Math IA

Willing to boost your learning? Here are some hot tips for your IB Math exam.


Investigating the mathematics of music

This could involve exploring the mathematical concepts behind rhythm, harmony, or melody, and using mathematical techniques to analyze and create music.


Modeling the spread of a disease

This could involve using mathematical models such as SIR or SEIR models to predict the spread of a disease, and analyzing the impact of different interventions such as vaccination or social distancing.


Analyzing the mathematics of voting systems

This could involve exploring different voting systems such as first-past-the-post, instant-runoff, or approval voting, and analyzing their properties and limitations.


Investigating the mathematics of cryptography

This could involve exploring techniques such as RSA encryption, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, or the elliptic curve cryptography, and analyzing their security and efficiency.


Exploring fractals

This could involve investigating fractal geometry and its applications, such as in the modeling of natural phenomena like coastlines, trees, or clouds.

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Advanced Reading

More useful inforamtion and FAQ for IB Math.

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