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202Intensive Course

We are holding an Intensive Course to aid your revision, focusing mainly on topics identified to be crucial in enhancing the students' exam scores. Students will apply their skills and knowledge through the intensive course, followed by detailed question analysis to understand how to avoid common mistakes.

Course Features

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Subject and Topics

In our Intensive Course, students will go through selected topics chosen by our subject specialists.

Subjects will have both SL and HL topics. The first part will be for both SL and HL students, and second part will be special for HL students.

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Course Fee

HK$ 360

Per hour

Experienced tutors
Key points in the syllabus
Analyze Past Paper
Exam techniques


All of the sessions will take place at the For You Education centre:

7/F, Catic Plaza,

8 Causeway Road

Causeway Bay, HK

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​For You Education 慧理教育

Tel: +852 2480 1000


Administration and Teaching Centre:
7/F, Catic Plaza, 8 Causeway Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Teaching Centre:

1608, 16/F, Workingbond Commercial Centre,
No.162 Prince Edward West, Kowloon

School Registration Number: 605492

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