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This workshop is available as an online course.

Play. Learn. Create.

Develop better language processing
Improve ability to articulate objects
Learn abductive reasoning
The best way for children to enjoy the summer holidays.
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Developing children's cognitive ability


Board games aid in the development of executive function skills such as organising or planning activities. Furthermore, as board games require players to hold several pieces of information at any given time, this aids in the development of memory formation and capacity of working memory, as well as spatial reasoning. In a world full of digital stimulation, unplugged board games develop the sustained attention of children, as well as increasing patience.



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Logical thinking and reasoning


The use of critical and independent thinking are both skills that are necessary to achieve success in learning. Through board games and the structure of this 4-day course, children will be grouped in multiple age-groups and adopt a child-centered/child-led method of activities; allowing scaffolding and independent learning amongst peers.


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Socialising and interaction skills


As many board games require interaction between in-group and out-group participants, children often will work on socialisation skills to enable team building as well as automatically adopt leadership positions. Such aspects are all important in building creative freedom as well as confidence, through continual independent thinking. Children will build on pillars of character such as risk taking, responsibility and fairness; all of which are useful to an entrepreneurial skill set.


An exciting 4-day programme for children to engage in mind-enriching activities during the day. A perfect way to make use of the summer holidays by  giving them an enjoyable and beneficial time.

The games we will play 我們將玩的遊戲:


Lost Cities


Ticket to ride


Forbidden Island

And finally we create our own board game!

Workshop Structure 課程:

The workshop spans over four days, from learning each game, playing them together, and then creating our own board game. Below you will see the structure layed out:

該課程為期四天,從學習每種遊戲,一起玩遊戲到創建自己的棋盤遊戲。 下面是活動詳情:

28 July 2020
9AM - 12PM

Day 1


Teaching the games

Students will join together with the teacher and learn the games for the day.

Playing & learning

Socialising/playing together, while learning  tips, techniques, teamwork and rational thinking.


Day overview and recap

30 July 2020
9AM - 12PM

Day 2


New set of games

Students join together with the teacher, like Day 1 to learn the games of Day 2.

More play & learn

Once ready, we will play Day 2's set of games and learn everything we need from them.


Day overview and recap

04 August 2020
9AM - 12PM

Day 3


Last set of games

This is the last day to play and learn the pre-made games.

Learning + creating

We will finish with the games fro the day and then begin drafting our won game until the next day.


Day overview and recap

06 August 2020
9AM - 12PM

Day 4


Creating a game

Brainstorming and creating our own game together.

Playing our game

And finally we play it out. Testing how our young minds made best use of their ideas.


Day overview and recap

Pricing 價錢

HK$ 1,320

Total price 總價

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Offer valid until the 8th of July 2020.

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Join us for a session of fun with development.


Location 地點

All of the sessions will take place at the For You Education centre:


7F Catic Plaza

8 Causeway Road

Causeway Bay, HK

Students can join the sessions from the safety of their homes via a Zoom call.

This workshop is available as an online course.

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