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2020 Summer Programmes

The summer programmes consists of modules that range from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) sessions, Academic sessions for students preparing for the IB, and Board Game workshops for kids to develop cognitive skills during the holidays.

This summer, For You Education presents summer activities that will benefit students of all ages.

From primary grades all the way to pre-IB students, our summer activities consists of three programmes making the holidays well-balanced between a vacation and a beneficial time. The three programmes are our outlined below:

STEAM Programme

The STEAM Summer programme is now open for registration. A 3-week exciting session for students where they will learn to integrate coding skills, game development, digital art, weather and construction science as well as applicable mathematics.

Registrations are now closed. 

Academic Programme

Tailored modules for students to prepare for their upcoming first year of the IB Diploma Programme during summer. The modules include Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, with six different sessions, over a span of three weeks, making it a perfect way to balance your summer holidays while not slacking back.

Registrations are now closed. 

Board Game Programme

An exciting 4-day programme for children to engage in mind-enriching activities during the day. A perfect way to make use of the summer holidays by  giving them an enjoyable and beneficial time.

Registrations are now closed. 


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