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IB Economics SL International Economics: Understanding the Global Economy

For You Education students understanding the Global Economy

International economics is an integral part of the IB Economics SL syllabus since it is intended to introduce students to the global economy as well as the role of international trade with its significant contribution to economic development. In this article, we will unveil the principal concepts included in the IB Economics SL International Economics course and the solvable problems they present in real life.

Balance of Payments

The balance of payments is a record of a country's summation of a country's activities with the rest of the world. That involves the international exchange of goods and services in addition to revenues from foreign investments, and financial capital that flows into a country’s stock and bond markets. In the IB Economics SL section, the students are allowed to understand the complex economic issue of the balance of payments and how it affects the country's economy.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate is the price of one currency that can be changed into another currency. In the IB Economics SL program, students will learn about the various exchange rate systems, such as fixed exchange rate systems and flexible exchange rate systems, and how exchange rates can affect global trade.

Trade and Protectionism

International trade is the transfer of commodities and services among countries. The IB Economics SL course introduces students to the advantages and disadvantages of international trade together with the issues that influence international trade, such as the exchange rates, tariffs, and quotas. Protectionism implies the use of trade barriers, including duties and quotas, to limit imports and shelter domestic industries. In the IB Economics SL course, students are taught about the pros and cons of protectionism and the effects of protectionism on international trade.


Globalization is the process in which territories are interconnected through intensified trade, investment, and cultural exchange. The IB Economics SL course introduces students to the advantages and disadvantages of globalization and also the variables that influence globalization which are technology, transport, and communication systems.

International Institutions and Agreements

International organizations, like the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund, occupy a key place on the stage of international economic relations. In the IB Economics SL program, students learn about the role of these institutions and their effects on international trade and investment. In addition, students become acquainted with several international agreements, like free trade agreements, and their effect on global trade.

Real-World Applications

The topics covered in the IB Economics SL International Economics program have real-world applications that are relevant to current events. For example, the recent trade tensions between the United States and China have highlighted the importance of understanding international trade and protectionism. Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted international trade and investment, highlighting the need for cooperation and coordination among countries.

In conclusion, the IB Economics SL International Economics program is an essential component of the curriculum, providing students with an understanding of the global economy and the role of international trade in economic development. With a solid understanding of these concepts, students can apply their knowledge to real-world situations and make informed decisions about economic issues. For extra help in achieving academic success in this challenging subject, students can seek the services of IB Economics tutors provided by For You Education.


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