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Improve your reading skills with PTE

There's no doubt that reading is a key academic skill. Pearson PTE Academic is an English test for study abroad and immigration, and demonstrates your ability to read, write, listen and speak English in an academic setting. If you're looking to improve your reading skills, PTE Academic could be the right test for you.

The reading section includes a range of tasks such as filling in blanks and answering multiple-choice questions based on a text. To do well in the reading section, you'll need to have strong comprehension skills, a wide range of vocabulary and be able to read quickly and accurately. That's where For You Education tutors can help. A tutor can give you practice material to work on and provide feedback on your progress. With the right preparation, you can ace the reading section of PTE Academic and achieve your study or immigration goals.

In addition, reading more can improve your vocabulary – a vital part of developing your English level. Not only will you learn more words and therefore be able to understand a wider range of passages, it can also improve your listening skills to be able to understand spoken text better, but also increase your vocabulary range which can be applied to writing tasks such as Write Essay, and even in real world setting.

Want to know more about PTE Academic? Contact us for more details on our exam preparation courses, and get a FREE, 2-hour full trial lesson!


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