PTE Academic Success Story: Improve more than 10 points overall in just one month!

Having trouble reaching your target PTE Academic score? Maybe you’ve taken the PTE Academic exam before, but was just short of a few marks, or maybe you’ve been doing practice test after practice test, and still not achieving the score you want.

For You Education offers intensive PTE Academic exam preparation courses that will allow you to get all of the Pearson-recommended techniques and strategies for all 4 sections of the PTE course, giving you the best chance of boosting up your score with lessons that can be completed in a few months, or even as little as a few weeks.

One of our hardworking students, Ricky, first came to For You Education with an offer to study overseas in Australia, needing an overall score of 65. He studied by purchasing several PTE apps, questionbanks and practice tests, but only managing to reach mid 50’s by studying on his own.

Throughout the exam preparation course, he was determined to learn everything about the PTE Academic exam. Not only was he able to ask specific questions on English basics such as grammar rules and vocabulary, he also was able to grasp the easy methods of approach for each question including “Summarize Written Text”, “Write Essay”, “Describe Image” and “Retell Lecture” to ensure that he had everything he needed to get top scoring answers.

He also worked hard to improve his speaking skills, particularly correcting his pronunciation from a thick accent he used with English in his daily life, and was able to speak more confidently during test day.

Putting all of his time and effort to study for the exam while having to work at a full time job, he studied intensively for 3 weeks in our exam preparation intensive course. In the end, he was able to increase his overall score by more than 10 points compared to his previous practice test scores, and was able to achieve the required score for his studies in Australia.

Congratulations and we wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours!

Want to know more about PTE Academic? Contact us for more details on our exam preparation courses, and get a FREE, 2-hour full trial lesson!

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