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Tailor-made PTE Academic materials to get the best out of your exam preparation

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Having access to the best resources and materials is essential to PTE Academic exam preparation. Being the only official exam preparation center in Hong Kong, For You Education offers in-depth materials that not only adopt official PTE Academic teaching content resources, but also include specific areas targeted to help English language learners in Hong Kong.

Our experienced tutors know the common pitfalls and weaknesses of those who study or have studied English as a second language in Hong Kong. This is why our materials are tailor-made for second language learners who have grown up studying English in Hong Kong. Whether it is to do with bad grammar habits, incorrect pronunciation, or poor writing skills, our materials will pin-point exactly how to get rid of these common mistakes, and boost your English skills.

This means that our materials will cover all four areas of the exam - from Reading to Writing, and Listening to Speaking. We want to make sure that you know exactly what to expect in every part of the exam, and ensure that your exam preparation is well-rounded. Our notes will allow you to familiarize yourself with question format, topics, new vocabulary and time management to make your exam preparation straightforward and effective.

Whether you are confident and ready to tackle the exam-style questions in an exam setting, or need more help with breaking down the questions into their subskills, our materials will provide a range of exercises for those at different English levels. No matter your level, you will have experience of real-exam questions in class sessions, but also be provided with exercises to break down the key skills needed for each question to take it step by step.

Want to know more about PTE Academic? Contact us for more details on our exam preparation courses, and get a FREE, 2-hour full trial lesson!

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