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PTE Core

PTE Core is an English language test by Pearson. The test measures general English skills for real-life situations, not just academic English. It's approved by the Canadian Government (IRCC) for various Canadian visas, including migration, work, and citizenship. 

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Who needs to take the PTE Core exam?

The PTE Core exam is intended for individuals who are planning to migrate to Canada or work there. It can also be taken by those seeking Canadian citizenship. Those looking to immigrate to Canada specifically, will find PTE Core to be the appropriate choice.

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Why choose PTE Core?

Why we need PTE courses?

Fast and convenient:

You can easily book your test online, choose from various test dates and locations, and receive your results within two days.

Fair and accurate:

You can have confidence in your PTE Core score, as it is assessed by AI, not humans, and reflects your true English ability.

Flexible and adaptable:

You can take PTE Core in your preferred language and use your score for multiple visa applications, as it remains valid for two years.

Affordable and accessible:
You can save money and time by taking PTE Core, as it has a lower fee and a shorter duration compared to other English tests.

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Features of PTE For You
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Face-to-Face lesson
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Exam question practices
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Focus on PTE skills 
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Provide after-class support
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Live Class
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