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Congratulations to Jenna Zhang, scoring A's in GCE Exam!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Everyone has to take their final secondary school exams at least once in their life, but twice? Only those who show true dedication like Jenna Zhang, will never settle for average results.

Reaching out to tutors at For You Education through a friend’s referral, she took Biology classes 3 months prior to her exams in September 2021.

Not satisfied with her results the first time she attempted her GCE exams, this only fuelled her motivation to do even better. With only 3 months left until the next round of exams, Jenna put all of her time and efforts into her studies, receiving additional tutoring classes in Mathematics and Chemistry, to retake her A-levels in January 2022.

During those 3 months, she was able to tackle her weaker areas and with her tutors’ teaching and guidance, breaking down exactly how to answer the most specific and demanding questions, to make sure that she was prepared for any question that came up during the exam.

Going through a second round of gruelling final year exams, she passed with flying colours, achieving A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics!

Congratulations Jenna on her spectacular results!

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