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HKET Interview: Fee-based study room plan launched to support students during COVID-19.

Updated: May 18, 2021

Finding a quiet place to study is challenging for many students.

With public exams just around the corner, anxious students all over the city are pouring long hours into revision. However, shorter opening hours for study rooms and libraries as a result of COVID-19 prevention measures has left many students with nowhere to study. In response, tuition centre For You Education, based in Causeway Bay, is launching a new self-study room plan that not only supports these students’ needs but also promotes their brand.

Terry Lo, founder of For You Education(慧理教育), says that social-distancing rules have prevented students from using public study rooms as often as is needed ahead of their exams in May. Schools also have a limited capacity for returning students, and this significantly reduces the number of options available to students.

“Some students report not being able to concentrate at home, and not all families can provide a suitable study environment free from distractions. Others treat coffee shops as their ‘study room’, but it’s not ideal in terms of hygiene. That’s why we are launching a self-study room plan. We will only invite students to use our study rooms during off-peak hours when the centre is less crowded. Fees will be calculated in one of two ways: an hourly basis or daily basis. The pricing will also be cheaper as our main hope is to help students,” Terry explains.

On top of taking full advantage of the centre’s resources, the project will also help to spread brand awareness. Students who sign-up for the plan can expect a clean and quiet place to study, as well as the opportunity to ask tutors directly about any problems they might have with their studies, helping to make exam revision as smooth and efficient as possible.

To see what else For You Education has been up to, check out the link below!

位於銅鑼灣的慧理教育(For You Education)創辧人 Terry Lo 表示,公開試 5 月開始陸續開考,學生現正密鑼緊鼓備試,可是由於社交距離措施,公營自修室沒有全部開放,公共圖書館開放時間亦縮短,學校也無法容納太多學生回校溫習,所以今年學生少了不少地方讀書。

Terry:「有同學反映在家難以集中溫習,部分家庭亦無法提供合適的溫習環境;有學生把 coffee shop 當成自修室,但也不是很理想,畢竟是公眾地方且有衛生憂慮。我們將會推出自修室計劃,會在補習社較少人使用的時段開放校舍予同學溫習,收費樣式暫定有兩種,以每小時或是以每日計算,。定價方面也會相較便宜,主要希望能夠幫助學生。」


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