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Get real-time, face-to-face PTE lessons with For You Education

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Although there are a vast number of online courses and free resources on the web when it comes to practising and preparing for your PTE Academic exam, there are several crucial advantages to having a personal tutor which can rapidly increase the rate of your improvement and thus, success.

There are a multitude of PTE courses on the internet all around the world that offer online lectures and courses. They may be easily accessible and convenient to join and watch whenever you want or have time.

However, many of these online courses only provide short videos or pre-recorded lectures, and therefore cannot provide many features to maximise learning and improvement. These programmes often do not offer live feedback from teachers, the chance to ask specific questions on the spot, and individual assessment to pin-point your personal weaknesses and areas of improvement.

For You Education offers face-to-face PTE lessons with Pearson-trained expert tutors who will carefully assess your skill levels to pinpoint your weakest areas. This allows for detail-oriented and personalised teaching methods - in-person lessons also allow for deeper-level analysis on certain problem areas, and be able to precisely and quickly follow up and correct mistakes on the spot. Thus, tutors will provide you with the exercises and guidance that fit your current level, and what tips and tricks you will need to achieve the greatest rate of improvement.

Want to know more about the PTE Academic? Contacts us for more details on our exam preparation courses, and get a FREE, 2-hour full trial lesson!

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